Raw Citrine Crystals

Raw Citrine Crystals

When you order you will receive one (1) randomly selected piece. 


Size: Approximately 1" or larger


Please note that you are ordering earth mined stones. Every piece is unique and all pieces received will not be the exact same size, shape, color or look identical to the pieces in our images. The pieces you will receive may vary from our image. 


Metaphysical Properties: Citrine is an amazing stone that can provide numerous benefits. It is known as the “success stone” promoting success and abundance by assisting in both acquiring and maintaining wealth. It helps enhance both self esteem and self discipline allowing one to decisively make important decisions. It emits a warm and peaceful vibration outward to those nearby and can help overcome depression while opening the mind to intuition. Creativity is enhanced by Citrine as it activates one’s imagination and helps those new creative thoughts to develop and mature. Citrine is highly protective and never needs cleansing or clearing.

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