Reiki Herbal Magic Pillar Candles - Healing

Reiki Herbal Magic Pillar Candles - Healing

When the time is right to visit your sacred space, allow us to enlighten the journey. Magic Happens with Reiki Charged Herbal Magic Pillar Candles. Each of our Reiki Charged Herbal Magic Pillars have been designed with a specific intention using a unique blend of essential oils. Use Healing Pillar Candle to heal the body, mind and soul. Each candle comes with an affirmation and inspirational message. Healing: Feel the healing powers of the white light and be drawn closer. Fragrance blend: Cedar, Ocean, Lemon Balm, and Heather. Candles are made from soy and have natural metal-free wicks. Each was handcrafted in New England USA.


Candle Size: 1.5" x 7"

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