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The Tarot

Tarots cards are known to be one of the various forms of divination. The tarot has been around since around the late 14th century. Originally they were used for entertainment purposes only and used as a means to play a game called Triumph. Later around the 18th century they began to be used for divination purposes.

They are commonly used to assist a person to evaluate a situation. It is widely believed among tarot readers that the future is impossible to predict as it is fluid and ever changing. The belief is that possible outcomes should be evaluated by examining possible influences. A reading is meant to assist a person by providing additional viable information so they can best make their decisions. A person’s future is not set in stone. We are capable of a great many things if we strive and work to make change happen. A tarot reading provides information and often exposes unforeseen obstacles, that when discovered in a reading, can greatly assist a person in making a more informed choice.

As with many divinatory aides, there are a number of ways a reader can practice their gift. The arrangement of cards dealt during a reading, also known as a spread, can vary from reader to reader. There is no correct or incorrect way of reading, although there are commonly used spreads in the tarot world. The most common spreads are the Celtic Cross and the Three Fates.

Where does a reader gain their gift/talent from? Some believe it is a gift one is born with, possibly passed down from one generation to another. Others believe one must tap into universal understanding, becoming one with your cards and connecting with your own intuition and wisdom. There are some who have no idea how it all 'works', and they just explain as a type of divine intervention, so to speak. Whatever your beliefs are, may your readings be fruitful and endowed with promising outcomes.

Blessed Be!

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